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About Loyalty for Lightspeed Retail (X-Series)

  • Available on Pro, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus

The Retail POS Loyalty program is a built-in system that allows your customers to earn loyalty dollars to spend in your store with every purchase they make. They can earn and spend their loyalty dollars both in-store and online if you use Lightspeed eCom (E-Series). Loyalty also allows you to offer exclusive perks to your Loyalty members with advanced promotions.

The goal of offering a Loyalty program is to increase customer retention and gain valuable insights about your customer base. Loyalty is designed to make offering such a program as simple as possible for you and your customers.

Enabling Loyalty

To enable Loyalty in Retail POS, go to Setup > Loyalty and select Enable Loyalty. Then, configure your Loyalty settings.

To enable Loyalty, however, you need the Advanced plan or the Loyalty module. The Advanced plan also includes Lightpseed eCom (E-Series), which you need to use if you want your customers to earn and spend loyalty online as well. You can upgrade to the Advanced plan from Setup > Billing > Upgrade plan in Retail POS.

To purchase the Loyalty or Lightspeed eCom (E-Series) module individually, please contact your Account Manager.

Setting loyalty amounts

When you enable Loyalty, Retail POS automatically applies loyalty amounts to all your products. These Loyalty amounts are based on the loyalty percentage (earning ratio) you entered in your Loyalty settings.

Optionally, you can set custom loyalty for specific products, setting them to earn no loyalty, extra loyalty, or a specific amount of loyalty. You can also set custom loyalty with price books and promotions.

Setting Loyalty expiration

You can set a custom expiration date for Loyalty earned based on customers' last purchase date. This can help you incentivize customers to make return purchases and allow you to control the amount of loyalty dollars in circulation.

Signing up customers for Loyalty

When you enable Loyalty, all your existing customers become Loyalty members automatically. As for new customers who want to become Loyalty members and shop in store, you can easily sign them up at checkout. Alternatively, they can sign up themselves with a QR code or customer URL on their receipt.

If you use eCom (E-Series), all customers who shop online will become Loyalty members automatically.

You can also disable Loyalty for specific customers, whether they shop in store or online.

Earning loyalty

Customers earn loyalty on all purchases they make in store or online if you use Lightspeed eCom (E-Series). To earn loyalty, customers need to pay for sales in full. For laybys, this will be once the sale is paid in full. For on-account sales, this will be once they pay off their on-account balance. The amount of Loyalty customers earn is based on the loyalty amounts you set for your products.

If a customer pays for part of their purchase with Loyalty, however, they will only earn loyalty on the portion paid with a payment type other than Loyalty. For example, if a customer pays for 20% of the sale using Loyalty, they will only earn loyalty on the remaining 80% of the sale.

Viewing earned loyalty

Each time a customer makes a purchase in store, they can see how much loyalty they've earned on their receipt. For this information to display on receipts, however, you need to enable settings in your receipt template. They can also ask a staff member to check their loyalty balance at checkout or in their customer account.

Whether in store or online, however, customers will only earn loyalty once they've paid for their purchase in full.

Redeeming earned loyalty

Your customers can redeem their earned loyalty on sales made in store as if it were cash. A customer can pay for an in-store sale, in full or partially, with their earned loyalty. Should you need to void a sale or process a return, Retail POS will also adjust the loyalty balance of your customer accordingly for you. If you use Lightspeed eCom (E-Series), customers can earn and redeem loyalty online.

Important details about Loyalty

  • Customers need to pay for sales in full to earn loyalty. For laybys, this will be once the sale is paid in full. For on-account sales, this will be once they pay off their on-account balance.
  • Customers can only earn and spend loyalty dollars online if you use Lightspeed eCom (E-Series). They'll also be enrolled to Loyalty automatically when they shop online.
  • If you use an eCom integration, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce, Loyalty is not supported.
  • If you use the Timely integration, Loyalty is not supported.
  • If you use Xero, you need Xero to track your loyalty earned and redeemed. To learn more, refer to Setting up the Xero integration with Retail POS (X-Series).
  • If you use QuickBooks Online, Loyalty will sync to QuickBooks Online as a payment type. Loyalty liability will not be tracked in QuickBooks Online.
  • You can only import balances from other loyalty systems manually. For more information, refer to Migrating from another loyalty program.

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