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Using the Retail POS sell screen

Getting started guide

In this article, learn how to access and use the sell screen, the key place where sales happen in Retail POS on both computer and iPad. Navigate to other articles in the guide using the carousel below.

The sell screen is the central sale processing interface for Retail POS. Here you can search for and add products to a sale, capture and add customer information, apply discounts and/or promotions, create curated sales such as quotes and services, take payment for sales using different payment methods, and much more.

You can use the sell screen on both computer and iPad.

Accessing the sell screen

  • Accessing the sell screen on desktop

    1. Log into Retail POS using your credentials.
    2. Navigate to Sell > Sell.
    3. Open your register to begin the trading day. Sell screen with register closed. Open register button highlighted.

    If your register is already open, the last used register will automatically load when you access the sell screen. To switch to a different register, click Switch under your location name and select Switch register.Dropdown with option to switch register.

  • Accessing the sell screen on iPad

    1. Log into Retail POS app using your credentials.
    2. Tap the menu and select Sell screen.
    3. Open your register to begin trading for the day.Sell screen with register closed. Open register button displayed.

    The location and register information is found at the top of the menu.Top left of the menu displaying register information.

    An iPad can only be mapped to one register at a time. Multiple registers can’t be opened from the same iPad.

Using the sell screen

Once you’ve opened your register for the day, you can begin using the sell screen to complete transactions.

Add a customer to a sale by searching by name or add a new customer if the customer is not in your records.Sell screen with add new customer option.

Add products to a sale by typing the name or scanning the item barcode, or use quick keys to quickly add products to a sale. Sell screen with add products and quick keys area highlighted.

Once you’ve added products to a sale, click the arrow beside the item name to expand the details. Here you can edit the quantity, apply any discounts, and add a note if required. Item details expanded and area highlighted.

In addition to completing a basic sale, you can click More Actions to create a quote, service sale, mark as unfulfilled, or discard the sale.

You can also park a sale, which puts the sale on hold so you can perform other transactions without needing to discard the sale. You can retrieve a parked sale to complete it when required.

More actions area highlighted. Dropdown showing create a quote, create a service, mark as unfilfilled, and discard sale.

When the sale is complete, click Pay.

Sell screen with the pay button highlighted.

This will take you to the payments page where there are a number of payment options you can setup and use:

Payment screen with options to select as payment methods.

Once you have selected a payment method and processed the payment, click Complete sale and issue a receipt if required. 

Explore the articles below to learn more about opening and closing your registers, creating sales, taking payments, issuing receipts, and returning sales using the sell screen:

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