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Setting up and using the Display (X-Series) app for a customer-facing display

The Display app is the perfect companion for your Retail POS app, offering you a customer-facing display using a secondary iPad or iPad Mini. It also allows a customer to enter their email address for email receipts or customer loyalty.


To use the Display app, you will need two iPads: one for the Retail POS app and one for the Display app. You will need to set up your Retail POS App and make sure that your apps are updated.

To pair your Display app to your Retail POS app, you will have to make sure you are on, at minimum:

  • Version 2.0.0 of the Display app
  • Version 3.9.10 of the Retail POS app

Both of these apps need the minimum system requirements to run.

Setting up the Display app

  1. Download the Display app from the iOS app store on one iPad ("Display iPad").
  2. On the other iPad, log into your Retail POS account on your Retail POS app ("Retail iPad").
  3. In your Retail POS app, navigate to Settings.
  4. Tap Hardware.
  5. Under Lightspeed Display, tap the toggle next to Enable Lightspeed Display.

    Hardware page under Settings, with Enable Lightspeed Display toggle emphasized.

    A new window will appear with your Pair with Lightspeed Display access code.

    Pop-up window showing 4-digit code to pair with Lightspeed Display.

  6. On your Display iPad, enter the pairing access code. Tap Pair.

    Display app with option to enter 4-digit code and select Pair.

You will be brought to the customer-facing display screen on your Display iPad. Your Display app is set up and ready to use!

Keeping the Display iPad from going to sleep

While you are not using the Display app, you may wish to keep it active on your iPad to prevent waiting times if the app goes to sleep. To adjust this setting:

  1. Navigate to the Settings app of your Display iPad.
  2. Tap Display (X).

    Settings app with Display (X) option selected, showing option to Prevent app from going to sleep.

  3. Tap the toggle next to Prevent app from going to sleep.

Your iPad will no longer go to sleep while the Display app is open.

Using the Display app during a sale

As you ring up your customer's sale, each item you add to the sale on your Retail POS app will appear on the Display app on the right-hand side of the screen for your customer to see.

They'll see when you:

  • Change the quantity
  • Change the line-item price (this is shown as a discount)
  • Apply a discount

They won't see any line item or sale notes.

They'll also see:

  • Subtotal before tax
  • Tax total
  • Total
  • The balance remaining to pay

If the customer makes partial payments, the balance amount displayed in the Checkout section will decrease.

Customer options

During the sale, the customer will have the option to type their email address in the Enter email field. They can then tap Add email to add their email to the sale.

Customer-facing display screen with option for customer to enter their email address.

Once their email has been added, the customer can optionally add their name and contact number. They can also choose to opt-in to marketing emails by tapping the Opt-in to receive marketing emails toggle. By tapping the toggle, the customer agrees to have their email address saved and to receive emails from your store.

Once their desired information has been entered, the customer should tap Add details.

Customer-facing display with options to add First name, Last name, Contact number, and toggle to Opt-in to receive marketing emails.

If you added the customer to the sale using the Retail POS app, their information will be shown on the Display app.


Does the Display (X) app cost anything extra?

Nope! The Display app is free for all Retail POS account holders.

Can I use it with Retail POS in my web browser?

No. You'll need to use the Retail POS app on your iPad to use the Display app.

Do I have to use it?

The Display app is an optional part of the Retail POS app, but in some jurisdictions, retailers are legally required to have a customer-facing display so that their customers can see sale information. Check your local laws.

What hardware and software can I run the Display app on?

The Display app requires an iPad or iPad Mini running on the minimum system requirements. It also requires at minimum the following versions of the two apps:

  • The Retail POS app (Version 3.9.10); and
  • The Display app (Version 2.0.0).

These apps are available on the App Store.

Can I pair the Display app with more than one iPad running the Retail POS app?

Each Display can only be linked with one iPad running the Retail POS app. This means one Display per in-store register.


  • Display app showing only the store's name and no other information.

    This happens when you have closed your Retail POS App. Generally, when you reopen your Retail POS app it will pair automatically.

    If you find you have been waiting for some time and your Display app has not automatically paired, you will need to re-pair your Display.

    1. Navigate to the Settings app of your Display iPad.
    2. Tap Display (X).
    3. Tap the Reset pairing with register toggle.

      Settings app with Display (X) option selected, showing option to Reset pairing with register.

    4. Re-pair your Display app using the steps in Setting up the Display app above.
  • retail-x-unable-to-pair.pngIf you see a screen that states it is Unable to pair with Lightspeed Retail (X) when trying to pair with your Display app:

    1. Verify that the access code you have entered on the Display app is the same code you see on the Retail POS app.
    2. Check that you have updated your Retail POS app to Version 3.9.10 or higher. You will not be able to pair your Retail POS App with your Display app if your Retail POS App is not updated.
    3. On the Retail POS iPad, navigate to Settings > Retail (X) > Location. Make sure your iPad's location access is set to either Ask Next Time Or When I Share or While Using the App.

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