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Fulfilling orders with Lightspeed Scanner (X-Series)

Fulfilling online orders using the Lightspeed Scanner app gives you the freedom to scan and pack items on the shop floor, making order fulfillment easier and more efficient. For a full understanding of fulfillment, read our Online order fulfillment in Retail POS (X-Series) guide first.

Fulfilling orders

  1. Navigate to Pack and tap Fulfullments.


    Online orders from Lightspeed eCom, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce will only be visible once integrated. Buy now, fulfill later sales will always be visible while in the unfulfilled status.

  2. Tap on the order you want to start fulfilling. If required, you can search for orders by order number in the search bar at the top of the list. 

    Fulfillments page with search bar highlighted.

  3. If this is the first time the order has been opened, tap Yes to assign the order to yourself.

    Pop up box to assign the fulfillment. Options to select yes or cancel.

  4. Tap Start picking.
  5. Use the rear camera to scan item barcodes or manually pick the items using the checkboxes next to each item. 

    Order being fulfilled open and rear camera activated.

    If there is not enough available inventory to fulfil the whole order, you can still pick the stock available and save the fulfillment to be completed later by tapping Save > Save as in-progress.

    Finish later screen showing the save as in progress button.

  6. When all items are picked, tap Save

Here you can review order information by selecting View fulfillment details or add a Fulfillment note using the provided box.

Completed orders

After an order has been fulfilled, you can change the status of the order to Mark as packed if it is ready to be shipped, or Mark as shipped if it has been dispatched. 

Pick completed screen. Option to click mark as packed or mark as shipped.

Once an order has been marked as shipped, the order will be removed from the Lightspeed Scanner app Fulfillments tab.  To view all active and completed online orders, log in to Retail POS on your computer and navigate to SellSales history.

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