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Tipping with Lightspeed Payments

Available in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Merchants using Lightspeed Payments with a supported payment terminal can enable the ability to tip directly on the screen of the terminal. This allows merchants to streamline their checkout process by creating a seamless customer experience.

Enabling tips

Tipping on terminal can be enabled through your settings in the Lightspeed POS backend.

At this time, tipping via the terminal is only supported on the Wisepad 3 and WisePOS E via the Retail POS on iOS and desktop running the most current iOS version and on Android registers.

Configuring tip settings

  1. Log in to your Retail POS account using the Account Owner or other Admin user profile.
  2. In the main menu, navigate to SetupPayment Types > Lightspeed Payments.
  3. In the Tipping section, click Add tipping option
  4. Select the Outlet you wish to enable tipping for, then click Next.
  5. The Set tip options pop-up will appear. On this screen, select simple or dynamic tipping.
  6. Enter the tipping options you wish to display to your customers.
    Note: By default, customers also have the option to select Custom or No tip on the payment terminal.
  7. Click Add tipping option to save your changes.

    The BBPOS WisePad 3 and BBPOS WisePOS E receive new or updated configurations when they connect to your POS application. These readers can take up to five minutes to receive new or updated configurations.

Understanding tipping options

Lightspeed Payments allows you to select Simple or Dynamic tipping options when prompting your customer for a tip.


The Simple tip configuration sets a fixed dollar amount or percentage for all sales processed through the terminal.



The Dynamic tip configuration allows you to set fixed dollar amounts for sales under a custom threshold and percentages for sales over that threshold.



Sales History

The Sales History report displays sale details at a glance. To view the tip on a specific transaction, navigate to Sell > Sales History and locate the sale you wish to review.

Once located, click the column header for a more detailed look at the sale. Tips can be viewed on the Tip line in the transaction details.


Sales reports can be used to view and calculate received tips by user, date, location, or other Report Type.

To view, navigate to Reporting > Sales Reports and select the appropriate Report Type and Measure (select Tips). For more information on Sales Reports and how to generate a custom report, view our guide on how to Customize your sales reports.


Register closure

The amounts generated in the Register Closure report include all payments received while the register was in use. With tipping enabled, closure totals for Lightspeed Payments include the sum of allSale and Tip amounts. For more information on the register closure report, view our Understanding the register closure report guide.


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