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Setting up Loyalty in Retail POS (X-Series)

  • Available on Pro, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus

To set up Loyalty, you need the Advanced plan or the Loyalty module. The Advanced plan also includes Lightspeed eCom (E-Series), which you need to use if you want your customers to earn loyalty online as well. You can upgrade to an Advanced plan from Setup > Billing > Upgrade plan in Retail POS.

To purchase the Loyalty and eCom (E-Series) modules individually, please contact your Account Manager.

Enable Loyalty

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup > Loyalty.
  2. Select Enable Loyalty.


This will take you to your Loyalty settings.

If you don't have an Advanced plan or the Loyalty module yet, you can select Upgrade plan to upgrade your plan directly from Retail POS. Upgrading will allow you to enable Loyalty the next time you go to Setup > Loyalty.

Configure your Loyalty settings

You can configure the following Loyalty settings:

  • Set how much loyalty your customers will earn
  • Offer a sign-up bonus
  • Send a welcome email

Set how much loyalty customers will earn

In the Earn Loyalty section, enter the percentage you want customers to earn on their purchases. The value must range from 0.00% to 100.00%.


Based on this loyalty percentage (or earning ratio), this is how loyalty is calculated:

  • Retail price x loyalty percentage = loyalty earned

Both Tax and rounding are considered as part of the loyalty calculation. However, tipping and shipping fees are not.

If you enter a new loyalty percentage and save your changes, Retail POS will also check if you have any products with custom loyalty amounts. If so, Retail POS will ask you to confirm whether to keep their custom loyalty amounts or reset them according to the new loyalty percentage.



The loyalty calculation is always based on the retail price. However, the retail price may be tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive, depending on your tax settings.

If your store is setup up in Canada or the US, the retail price is tax-exclusive. If your store is set up in New Zealand, Australia, or the UK, the retail price is tax-inclusive. All other countries default to the USA tax-exclusive configuration.

You can change whether your store is tax-inclusive or exclusive while you have a trial account. But once you activate your account, you can no longer change this setting.

To learn more, please see Setting up taxes.


If the loyalty calculation yields a value greater than 2 decimal places, the following rounding occurs:

  • 0.001-0.004: rounds down to the nearest cent
  • 0.005-0.009: rounds up to the nearest cent


Tipping is possible both on Lightspeed Retail POS (X-Series) and Lightspeed eCom (E-Series). Regardless of where a tip is made, loyalty will not be earned on this amount.

Offer a sign-up bonus

In the Sign-up section, select Set sign-up bonus if would like to offer a one-time sign-up bonus. Then, enter a value in the Loyalty field.


Accepted values range from 0.01 to 99,999.99. Customers will receive their sign-up bonus once they've officially signed up for Loyalty.

Send a welcome email

In the Sign-up section, you can also choose to send a welcome email to newly-enrolled customers who provide an email address.

Simply select Send welcome email and customize the subject and message to your liking. You can also select Preview welcome email to see what your customers will receive.


Disable Loyalty

To disable Loyalty across Retail POS, select Disable Loyalty. If you have Lightspeed eCom (E-Series), this button will disable loyalty online as well.


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