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Adding a new customer to loyalty

There are two main ways to add a new customer to loyalty.

Adding a customer at the time of sale in your store

  1. Add the customer when they are in your store. Select Add a customer on the Sell screen and start typing their name. Since the customer is new, they won't be located in the search field.


  2. Select Add xxx as a new customer.


  3. Complete the customer's details on the Contact tab.


  4. Select the Details tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Loyalty toggle, and ensure it's turned on for this customer, which is turned on by default. 


  5. When finished entering the customer's details, select Create new customer

Using self-registration as a customer

When a receipt is issued to new customers, all receipts for new customers will have a QR code and a custom link at the bottom to sign up for loyalty on their own. 


By entering the URL into the address bar or scanning the QR code, the customer is taken to a self-registration page.


If you would like more information on Retail POS's Loyalty feature, check out this article.

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