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How to update email addresses in Retail POS (X-Series)


  •  Retail POS for desktop


Update the store's email address

  1. Navigate to Setup > General
  2. Under Basic Information, edit the Email field with your updated email address.
  3. Click Save

Update Account owner user email address (you must be logged into the Account owner user to complete this)

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users
  2. Click on the Account owner for the user
  3. Select your Account owner email address (this will be the email address you used to set up your Retail POS account)
  4. Edit the email address
  5. Click Save Changes

Update Billing email address

    1. Navigate to Setup > Billing
    2. Click Edit billing recipient
    3. Click Save changes


When updating the billing recipient information, a valid billing address must be entered and billing recipient information cannot be updated without it.

For merchants located in the USA, the billing address details will be used to calculate the sales tax charged on Retail POS subscriptions.

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