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Why do I have duplicate invoice numbers?


Why are some of my invoice numbers duplicated?


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Retail POS for iPad


Duplicated invoice numbers can occur due to multiple reasons:

  1. When a register is opened on a computer, it reserves the next invoice number from the server. If a sale isn't completed on this machine but the same register is opened on another computer, both may reserve the same invoice number. Completing a sale on one machine and later on the other can lead to duplicated invoice numbers.
  2. Another common cause is using multiple registers without unique register invoice prefixes. Since invoice numbers are tied to the register and count up, without a prefix, they can end up using the same numbers.

It's recommended to use one device per register and ensure unique invoice prefixes for each register.

Additional Information

  • Always use one register per computer. Avoid using the same register across multiple computers. If multiple points of sale are needed, add a new register for each dedicated machine.
  • Ensure to refresh the Sell Screen (or restart your browser) when switching between computers connected to the same Retail POS. This ensures the Sell Screen fetches the latest invoice number from the server.
  • Consider using unique invoice prefixes for each register to prevent overlapping invoice numbers.

How to fix duplicate invoice numbers

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