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How to add retail price to inventory on hand report


Add retail price to inventory on hand report by exporting and using a VLOOKUP formula.


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Excel, Open Office or Google Sheets


Inventory On Hand Report

  1. Click Reporting > Inventory Reporting > Inventory On Hand
  2. Click desired date
  3. Click drop down in the table and click SKU
  4. Click Export Data

Product Report

  1. Click Products in the Side Navigation
  2. Export Product List

Add retail price

  1. Open both reports
  2. Add a column to the Inventory On Hand Report called "Retail Price"
  3. Delete everything on the Product CSV leaving only SKU and Retail Price
  4. Import this file as a second sheet on the Inventory CSV
  5. In the "Retail Price" column use a VLOOKUP formula to reference SKU and return retail_price from the exported product list
  6. Apply formula to all rows
  7. Copy all formulated data and paste values in cells




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