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Is it possible to keep outlets in Retail POS (X-Series) separate from each other?


Is it possible to keep outlets in one Retail POS account separate in terms of inventory, products, suppliers, income and expenditure? 


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Pro Plan


Any outlets under a single Retail POS account cannot run separately from each other. In a Retail POS account:

  • All outlets use one product list and the same suppliers
  • All outlets use one customer list
  • Inventory is split between different outlets
  • Most reports can be filtered by outlet, but the overall income and expenses will be considered a total of all outlets
  • All outlets under one Retail POS account will be billed together
  • All outlets will need to use the same currency

If you require a set up that differs from what is listed above, your outlets will need to be created as separate Retail POS accounts.

Additional Information

  • The Shopify, WOO and Xero integrations all work on a 1:1 ratio, so if each outlet needed their own integrated account, they would need to be set up as different accounts in Retail POS
  • Other 3rd party integrations may only apply to the account as a whole

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