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How to invoice a customer in Retail POS (X-Series)


Create, send, and apply a payment to an invoice for a customer in Retail POS. 


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


Create Invoice

  1. Create an on account sale using these steps
  2. Click Sales History 
  3. Under the Continue sales tab, click the on account sale you want to email 
  4. Click Email Receipt 
  5. Enter the customer's email address into the 'Email address' field
  6. Click Send 

Take Payment

  1. If the customer returns in store to make a payment follow these steps to open the account sale and take payment
  2. If the customer cannot return to the store, they will have to make payment to you outside of Retail POS
  3. When you receive the payment, click sales history
  4. Search for the sale 
  5. Click the drop-down arrow beside the sale
  6. Click Apply payment/refund
  7. Select the payment type from the 'Payment type' drop-down
  8. Enter the amount into the 'Amount' field
  9. Select a register from the register drop-down
  10. Select a date in the 'Payment date' drop-down
  11. Select a payment time in the 'Payment time' drop-down
  12. Click Save

Additional Information

If your Retail POS store is integrated with Xero, refer to this guide


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