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Configuring Lightspeed Payments

Once you have been approved for Lightspeed Payments and it has been added to your account, your Lightspeed Payments settings can be configured in Retail POS. Once you have configured your settings to suit your business needs, you can pair your Lightspeed Payments terminal to your account and begin accepting payments. 

Customizing Lightspeed Payments

One of the advantages of Lightspeed Payments is that Lightspeed will take care of most of your gateway configurations for you, so you won't have to worry about making sure the lines of communication are open between your Lightspeed account and Lightspeed Payments. You can customize the Lightspeed Payments payment type in Retail POS.

To customize Lightspeed Payments, 

  1. Log in to your Retail POS account using the Account Owner or other Admin user profile.
  2. In the main menu, navigate to SetupPayment Types > Lightspeed Payments.

Customize the Lightspeed Payments payment type in the Payments types section.

Tipping options

Lightspeed Payments merchants who are using a supported payment terminal can enable the ability to add a tip on the terminal screen. This creates a more seamless customer experience, allowing you to streamline your checkout process.

For more information on tipping, see our article Tipping with Lightspeed Payments.

Setting up Lightspeed Payments for eCom

Eligible Retail POS merchants can take payments with Lightspeed Payments both in-store and online via their eCom (E-Series) store

For more information on Lightspeed Payments for eCom, see our article Setting up Lightspeed Payments for eCom (E-Series) with Retail POS (X-Series).

Pairing your Lightspeed Payments terminal

The final step in getting started with Lightspeed Payments is setting up your payment terminal. The exact steps will vary depending on which terminal you use, but most terminals will follow the same basic steps.

Once your Lightspeed Payments payment type has been created, you can pair a payment terminal to your Retail POS account.

The following terminals are compatible with Lightspeed Payments: 

Important: Lightspeed Payments payment terminals must be obtained from Lightspeed. Payment terminals purchased through third-party vendors are not supported. 

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