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Adding a Product to the Sale

There are three ways to add products to a sale on Retail POS's Sell Screen; using Quick Keys, searching for the product and scanning or typing a barcode (SKU).

1. Adding a product using Quick Keys

Quick Keys can be the easiest way to add products to a sale. To add a product using a Quick Key, locate the product Quick Key and click on it. This will immediately add the corresponding product(s) to the sale. If you have not set up Quick Keys for your products, but would like to find out how click here to learn more.

2. Search for your product

The search bar enables you to search quickly for your product by name, SKU, handle, type, brand or supplier code.

By default, your cursor will be in the search field, so you can start typing.

Tips for searching:

  • Search term can be any part of a word, for example, 'shirt' will return the 'long sleeved shirt' product.
  • The product search will return a max of 30 results. If you cannot see the product or customer try to refine your search criteria further.
  • The search function will return both master products and products with variants.
  • If you have many products with similar names, you may find using a barcode a more efficient option.

3. Scanning or typing a barcode (SKU)

When you scan a barcode, the item will automatically be added to the screen. You do not need to click anywhere first before adding a product through scanning.

Important: If you have duplicate SKU's or have given two or more products the same SKU, an error message will be generated prompting you to search the product by name. To prevent this from happening in the future, search for the SKU on your product page to identify and fix any duplicates.

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