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Using the sales summary report

Sales reports can be used to drill into your sales data. This will allow you to track sales progress, forecast for future periods, and make promotional decisions based on real data.

Navigate to Reporting > Sales reports then select one of the default sales reports from the tabs:

Understanding Sales Reports

Report type

By default, your sales reports will display a Sales summary. You can choose to drill down into specific data points to review higher-level trends using the Report type drop-down.

Different plans offer access to various report types. Below is a table outlining the report types available under each plan category: Lite, Lean, and Standard, and Pro, Enterprise, and Advanced.

Refer to your plan below for what report types are available to you:

Included in Lean plans:

  • Sales Summary
  • Customer Group
  • Promotion

Included in Standard plans:

  • Everything available to Lean plans
  • Sales Channel

Included in Lite plans:

  • Sales Summary
  • User
  • Customer
  • Customer Group
  • Product
  • SKU Name

Included in Pro, Enterprise, and Advanced plans:

  • Everything available to Lean, Standard, and Lite plans
  • Outlet
  • Register
  • Brand
  • Supplier
  • Product category
  • Tag
  • Variant Attribute: Size

Sales summary report highlighting 'Report Type' dropdown options


Filter your results to focus on different views of your sales using the Measures drop-down.

The scope of sales report measures varies depending on your plan. The following table details the measures accessible under the Lite, Lean and Standard, and Pro, Enterprise, and Advanced plans.

Refer to your plan below for what sales report measures are available to you:

Lite plan

  • Customer count
  • Gross profit
  • Return count
  • Revenue (inc. tax)
  • Tax

Included in Lean and Standard plans:

  • Everything available to Lite plans
  • Discounted
  • Discounted (%)
  • Margin (%)
  • Revenue
  • Sale Count

Included in Pro, Enterprise, and Advanced plans:

  • Everything available to Lean, Standard, and Lite plans
  • Avg. items per sale
  • Avg. sale value
  • Avg. sale value (incl. tax)
  • Cost of goods sold
  • First sale
  • Items sold
  • Last sale
  • Margin (%)
  • Returns (%)
  • Sales with customer (%)
  • Outlet
  • Register
  • Brand
  • Supplier
  • Product category
  • Tag
  • Variant Attribute: Size

Sales summary report highlighting 'Measure' dropdown options

Date range

Set the date range for your report using the Date range drop-down. Choose to review sales performance over a specific period with Specify period, which allows selection of a time frame like Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Day, or Hour. Sales summary report date showing 'Date range' options


Advanced reporting

The comparison feature allows you to compare selected date(s) at the same time period in the previous year. This can help you identify seasonal changes in your business.

Sales Summary report highlighting 'Comparison' dropdown options

Using more filters

The filters bar can help you fine-tune your data. To open the filters bar, click More filters. Select whether to Include or Exclude the filter type from the drop-down.

By default, gift card sales are not included in revenue reports. This is because gift cards are counted as a liability until a product or service is redeemed using that value. If the sales where the gift card is sold and the gift card is redeemed were both included in the sales reports, it would give inflated revenue numbers.

You can choose to include gift cards in your reporting by clicking the Include gift card sales toggle.

It is important to take note of a few things when using multiple filters at once:

  • Either/Or for Same Type Filters: Multiple filters of the same type broadens the report scope, showing data that matches any of the filters.
  • And for Different Type Filters: Combining different filter types narrow down the results, showing data that meets all criteria.
  • Include/Exclude Options: 'Include' shows only data matching the filter, while 'Exclude' omits data matching the filter.

Sales Summary report with 'More filters' enabled

Formatting results

For a more specific date and time filter, dates can be grouped by clicking Format results. You can group dates by week, weekday, or hour.

Sales Summary report's 'Format Results' section highlighting data arrangement options

Exporting sales reports

Click Export report to download your data in XLSX or CSV format, compatible with spreadsheet applications like Excel or OpenOffice. Saving customized reports requires an advanced or enterprise plan or the advanced reporting module.

Sales Summary report highlighting the 'Export Report' button

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