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How BigCommerce orders work with Retail POS (X-Series)

  • Available on Pro, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus



  • Once your Retail POS and BigCommerce accounts are connected, Retail POS becomes the system of record.
  • You should manage your product catalog, pricing, and inventory information in Retail POS to ensure everything stays accurate and up-to-date.
  • BigCommerce feeds important information back to Retail POS such as online sales, new customer or existing customer information associated with a sale, and inventory from a sale to keep stock levels in sync.
  • Please click the following link for more on how to use the BigCommerce integration!

Receiving BigCommerce orders

When a customer places an order in your BigCommerce store, the order will be recorded in BigCommerce and an email sent to the customer confirming the sale.

BigCommerce sales automatically synchronize to Retail POS and appear on both the Sales history(Sell > Sales history) and Fulfillments (Inventory > Fulfillments) pages.

If a product that is not linked to BigCommerce is on an order, the order will sync to Retail POS and the product will be created in Retail POS. The order will synch even if there are no products linked to Retail POS.

This includes fully paid and unpaid sales. The sale and payments are recorded in the linked outlet on the register you have selected in the BigCommerce integration settings. The sold amount reduces the inventory level for that outlet. Sales processed in Retail POS do not sync to BigCommerce.

For information on fulfilling online orders in Retail POS, refer to our Online order fulfillment in Retail POS (X-Series) guide.


If a shipping product, handling product, and/or wrapping product is added to the order in BigCommerce, the products will be created in Retail POS the first time they are attached to a sale and added to the sale in Retail POS.

Order status information displayed on BigCommerce

Retail POS BigCommerce
Not Imported Incomplete/Pending.
Closed Awaiting Payment: Customer has completed checkout process, but payment has yet to be confirmed.
Closed Awaiting Fulfillment: Customer has completed the checkout process and payment has been confirmed.
Closed Awaiting Shipment: Order has been pulled and packaged, and is awaiting collection from a shipping provider.
Closed Awaiting Pickup: Order has been pulled, and is awaiting customer pickup from a seller-specified location.
Closed Partially Shipped: Only some items in the order have been shipped, due to some products being pre-order only or other reasons.
Closed Completed: Client has paid for their digital product and their file(s) are available for download.
Closed Shipped: Order has been shipped, but receipt has not been confirmed; seller has used the Ship Items action.
Closed Refunded: Seller has used the Refund action.
Closed Disputed: Customer has initiated a dispute resolution process for the PayPal transaction that paid for the order.
Closed Manual Verification Required: Order on hold while some aspect needs to be manually confirmed.
Closed Partially Refunded: Seller has partially refunded the order.
Voided Cancelled: Seller has cancelled an order, due to a stock inconsistency or other reasons. Voided Declined
Voided Declined: Seller has marked the order as declined for lack of manual payment, or other reasons.

Manually importing online orders

By default, we have disabled the option to Import all orders. This option allows you to import all historical orders from your online store into Retail POS, so you have a record of all online and in-store sales in one place.

Using this option can impact your current inventory levels and other information, and rectifying these changes can take time.

However, if importing orders is a requirement for your business, you can reach out to Retail Support, who can enable the option for your account.



  • Don't unlink and relink your stores unless you're planning on deleting all items from your BigCommerce store and starting from scratch.
  • When the sale from BigCommerce comes through to Retail POS, the inventory will be deducted for all the products sold on BigCommerce.

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