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Direct Debit Payment Type Setup

Direct Debit Payment Type

If you have a direct debit option at your store where customers deposit payments directly into your company's bank account, you can set up a direct debit manual payment type on Retail POS to record the payment.

This direct debit payment type will require you to manually take payment for the sale and confirm in Retail POS that the payment is accepted once the sale has been closed.

Important: When using a Direct Debit payment type, Retail POS will assume that payment has been received for the sale. It is important to make sure that you have received the Direct Debit in your bank account before you close the sale to avoid any issues with your register closures later.

To create a direct debit payment type, follow the steps below:

1. Create a button for the payment type by going to Setup -> Payment Types and select Add Payment Type.

2. Select the Cash payment type 

3. Give your payment type a custom name, for example, Direct Debit.

4. Once you've chosen and named your new payment type click Save Payment Type. A button will now appear for this payment type on the payment screen the next time you process a sale.

5. When the time comes to take payment, you can process the payment using the terminal and hit the corresponding payment button in Retail POS.You will then need to receive the payment separately.

For more information on Payment types in Retail POS, check out this article.

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