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Two sales seem to have merged together in the sales history


It looks like two sales have 'merged' into one receipt number so aspects of the two sales like products, payments and customers are connected to one sale but should be separate. 


  •  Retail POS for Mac or PC
  •  Retail POS for iPad


If an error occurs after payment or if the sale is open on two devices, the completed sale will be shown again on the Sell Screen. It's possible for the cashier to then delete the products or customer and this is all recorded on the original receipt number.

Anything you then add to that sale will be recorded under that original receipt number - essentially merging the two sales into one. This also cancels out the previous products and customer but with both payments applied. The cancelled products quantities will be returned to the products stock on hand.



To resolve this you'll need to void the sale that includes the two merged sales and create two new sales from the Sell Screen, replicating the products, customers and payments that should have been attached.

How to recreate a sale

  1. Navigate to Sell
  2. Add the products, discounts etc to mirror the previous sale
  3. Click Pay, add the amount then select Cash
  4. Navigate to Sell -> Sales History
  5. Locate the sale and expand it
  6. Click Edit
  7. Change Payment Type as required
  8. Select the payment date and time from the Date drop-down
  9. Click Save

Additional Information

Voiding Sales Using the Retail POS Sales History


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