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About Lightspeed eCom (E-Series)

Lightspeed eCom (E-Series), formerly Ecwid, integrates with Retail POS (X-Series) to help you create your own online web presence. The eCom (E-Series) Business Plan is included in all Retail POS Standard and Advanced plan subscriptions, making it easy to get started selling online:

  • Create a professional website in minutes for free
  • Instantly sync your Retail POS (X-Series) product catalog, customers and settings
  • Expand your business to sell on social media and marketplaces
  • Sell subscriptions, gift cards, services
  • Get your own mobile app

Retail POS + eCom (E-Series) features

Features may change over time and availability may differ by region. Talk to your account manager to learn more.

  • Feature  
    Products 70,000
    Categories 10,000
    Add store to any website
    Fully customizable store
    Free website
    Free SSL certificate included
    Android and iOS store management app
    Multilingual catalog
    Staff accounts
    Payment surcharges
    Handling fee
    Pay What You Want pricing option
    Video in a product gallery
    Product ribbons
    Product subtitles
    Repeat orders
    Recurring subscriptions
    Showing an estimated delivery time on a product page
    Gift сards*

    *Currently, gift cards can only be redeemed online. Gift cards are not synced between Retail POS (X-Series) and eCom (E-Series). Orders paid with gift cards in eCom (E-Series) sync as unpaid to Retail POS (X-Series).

  • Feature  
    Add store to Wordpress, Wix, Joomla, Weebly, etc.
    Facebook store
    Instagram shopping
    Marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Walmart)

    **ShopApp can be purchased separately.

  • Feature  
    Unlimited storage, bandwidth & customers
    Product options
    70+ payment methods
    Real-time shipping rates
    Custom shipping rates
    Product-specific shipping rates
    Order pickup
    Manual and automated taxes
    Importing products
    Exporting store data
    Digital products file storage 25GB per file
    Order creation and editing
    Customer group discounts
    Product variations
    Product filters
    Fully customizable invoices
    Custom order statuses
    Offline cash payments
    Tips and gratuity
  • Feature  
    Buying custom domain
    Automated marketing emails
    Newsletters with Mailchimp
    Automatic Google Shopping ads
    Advertising on TikTok
    Sale and promotional pricing
    Bulk discount pricing
    Automatic discounts
    Discount coupons
    Automatic sitemap for Instant Site
    Advanced SEO tools
    Affiliates features
    Abandoned carts
  • Feature  
    Store design customization
    Javascript API
    Ecwid REST API
    Access to App Market
    Custom domain
    Access to email notification templates
    Custom checkout fields
  • Feature  
    Google Ads tracking
    Facebook Pixel
    TikTok Pixel
    Snap pixel
    Pinterest tag
    Google Analytics reports
    Tracking orders
    Custom tracking code
    eCom stats and reports

How eCom (E-Series) is billed

Basic, Core, and Plus plans 

For merchants on Basic*, Core, and Plus, eCom (E-Series) is included in your Retail POS subscription and no additional payment is required.

*Basic plan merchants only have access to a limited version of eCom (E-Series). For more information, refer to our Understanding basic eCom (E-Series) features for Basic plan merchants article.

Other Retail POS plans

For merchants on Standard and Advanced plans, the eCom (E-Series) Business Plan is included in your Retail POS subscription and no additional payment is required.

For merchants on legacy Pro and Enterprise plans, your eCom (E-Series) subscription is billed alongside your Retail POS subscription in Retail POS. This allows you to pay for both subscriptions with one credit card.

Getting support for the eCom (E-Series) integration

Self-guided learning

Browse the eCom (E-Series) section of the Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center for quick answers:

About Lightspeed eCom (E-Series)

Learn what eCom core functionality is available in the Online tab in Retail POS and the advanced functionality available the eCom (E-Series) Admin Panel to more effectively manage your online store. 

Getting started with eCom (E-Series)

Follow the steps to get your eCom (E-Series) account, inventory, and settings set up to get started selling online faster.

Customizing your online store in eCom (E-Series)

Learn how to customize your online store and checkout experience to match your brand and build trust with customers.

Managing products in eCom (E-Series)

After setup, you can add, edit, and delete products linked to eCom (E-Series) to manage what you're selling and where.

Managing orders in eCom (E-Series)

Learn more about how eCom order work with Retail POS, including working with multi-outlet inventory and in-store pickup.


You can also check out Ecwid by Lightspeed's eCommerce guides and Academy courses for additional self-learning. Note that functionality may differ between the standalone product featured in the learning materials and the eCom integration with Retail POS.

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