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How to locate sales that have discounts applied on them?

The functionality described in this article is only available to merchants with accounts created prior to February 2021 as it requires access to legacy features such as the Sales ledger. For more information on voiding a sale, exporting sales data, and more sale actions, refer to our Sales history guide.


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


  1. Click Sales ledger
  2. Click More filter options
  3. Enable Is discounted
  4. Fill out the other search fields as required
  5. Click Update

Additional Information

  • When you filter sales by discounted in the sales ledger, it will only show sales with a global discount (discounts applied to the entire sale). To see all discounts including global discounts, line item discounts (discounts applied to a specific item), and Promotions/Price Books you can view the sales report with the discount measure for a total number.

  • Using the Retail POS sales history 
  • Reporting in Retail POS

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