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My screen is stuck loading when closing a register


  •  Retail POS for Mac or PC


The register was closed on another device, or while the connection to the internet was interrupted. The issue is caused by a mismatch between local data on your device and our servers. 


Our first step would be to Reset Data: 

  1. Click Sell on the side navigation
  2. Click Status
  3. Click Reset Data

The next step is to clear the browser cache:

  1. Type chrome://settings/content/all in the search bar
  2. Search for 'vendhq' in the top right hand side
  3. Click the trash icon to remove the saved data from your computer
  4. Refresh Retail POS and the Sell Screen should load. 

Additional Information

  • You can try logging into that register in an incognito window (CTRL+Shift+N on PC or COMMAND+SHIFT+N on Mac) on Google Chrome to verify that it is closed before clearing your cache. 


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