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Can I create customer barcodes in Retail POS (X-Series)?


Is there functionality within Retail POS to create and print off a barcode for a customer, so we can scan and add a customer to a sale without inputting them manually?


  •  Retail POS for Mac or PC


No. Retail POS does not create barcodes but does have customer codes with your customers’ information that you can embed into barcodes using an external website.

Go to Sell > Sell to start a sale and add the items. Go to the Add a customer field using a supported barcode scanner, and scan your customer's barcode. It will type in your customer's information and automatically add your customer to your sale.

To find your customers’ code in Retail POS, from the main menu, go to Customers and click on the customer of your choice. Click Edit customer > Details and scroll down to additional information to find your customer’s code. The customer code field is also editable. We recommend using customer codes when creating your barcodes.

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