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Can I 'un-void' a sale or return in Retail POS (X-Series)?


If I have voided a sale or return, can I 'un-void' or cancel that action? 


  •  Retail POS for Mac or PC


No, there's no way to 'un-void' a sale or return. The best way to correct the error is to re-create the sale or process the return once again.

Recreating a sale:

  1. Replicate the sale in the Sell Screen
  2. Click Pay, add the amount then select Cash
  3. Navigate to Sell -> Sales History
  4. Locate the sale and expand it
  5. Click Edit
  6. Change Payment Type as required

If this is a historical sale you may want to change the date of the sale as well as the payment type. You can do this following our How to change the date of a sale guide.

Additional Information

A recreated sale will appear on the register closure for the day that it was recreated on, even if backdated

Return a Sale on Retail POS for Mac or PC


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