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How do I use AirPrint on iPad?

AirPrint is now available for use on the Retail POS iPad App, which now gives you the ability to print full sized A4 receipts / invoices from any AirPrint compatible printer. 


  •  Retail POS on iPad


  1.  At the end of the sale, tap Print Receipt
  2.  Select A4 / Invoice
  3.  Select your desired invoice template 
  4.  Tap AirPrint 

  5. Select your AirPrint compatible printer
  6. Tap Print 

Additional Information

  • AirPrint can also be used when printing from the Sell Screen or Sales History
  • AirPrint can only be used to print invoice format templates, So you will need to set up a template with this style before you can use AirPrint. Click here for steps on setting up your receipt template
  • AirPrint is only available for users on the Retail POS App v3.6 or newer



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