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How to change the payment date/time on a sale


To backdate or forward date/time a payment that has been recorded against a sale using Sales history


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Retail POS on iPad


  1. Navigate to SellSales history
  2. Locate the sale (using the filters if required)
  3. Click the sale to expand
  4. Click Edit
  5. Scroll to the Payment section
  6. Under Date, click the drop-down to select a date/time
    • If the date is to be set at the time of sale or beyond, you can simply select the date/time desired
    • To backdate the payment, you must first change the date of the entire sale under Sale date and click Save changes, then complete steps 4-6 to change the date on the payment. 
      To backdate a sale made through an integrated payment method, you must void and recreate the sale before backdating it. Integrated payments cannot be backdated. 
  7. Click Save changes


Additional Information

  • When backdating payments, they will show in the intended date in reporting. The payment will show in Register closure for the date the payment was applied. 
  • Payment dates can only be moved in one-month increments. If you need to move the payment date further than one month, this change will need to be saved and moved an additional month, until the intended date is reached.

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