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Does Retail POS (X-Series) integrate with QuoteMachine?


  • Retail POS for Desktop
  • Retail POS on iPad


Yes, QuoteMachine has built an integration specifically for Retail POS. 

QuoteMachine is a quoting and invoicing app. You can learn about how this integration works here.

You can add the QuoteMachine integration via Third Party Billing in Retail POS by navigating to Setup > Apps > Other Apps.


Your QuoteMachine and Retail POS subscriptions are billed alongside in Retail POS. This allows you to pay for both subscriptions in one convenient location.


Billing for third-party apps is processed as an independent charge. A valid credit card must be on file to complete third-party app payments.

Want to learn more about managing your QuoteMachine subscription in Retail POS? See our Managing third-party apps article.



Additional support for QuoteMachine can be found on the QuoteMachine Help Center.

For queries about billing, please contact subscriptions@lightspeedhq.com.

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