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Lightspeed Payments offline mode with Retail POS (X-Series)

Lightspeed Payments relies on a stable internet connection to process payments. In the event that your internet connection is unstable or unavailable temporarily, you can continue to process payments in offline mode (when enabled) until the connection is restored.

How offline mode works

Once enabled, offline mode allows you to continue processing payments even when the internet connection is temporarily unavailable at the terminal.

When the terminal detects that the internet connection has been lost, you will be prompted to enable offline mode to process payments. You can manually enter the sale amounts and have the customer pay using a card payment like normal.

The payment will be stored on the terminal until the internet connection has been restored. All stored payments will then be transferred to Lightspeed for processing and merchant portal payments will be updated accordingly.

If a customer opts in to receive a receipt via email, the receipt will be sent once the internet connection has been restored and the payment processed by Lightspeed.

Enabling offline mode

Offline mode is disabled by default. In order to process payments in offline mode, you must have enabled offline mode before the internet connection is unavailable.

By enabling offline mode, you accept responsiblity for any expired or declined transactions take while offline or any resulting chargebacks, in accordance with your platform payment agreement.

  1. In Retail POS, navigate to Finance > Settings.
  2. Select an outlet that you wish to enable offline mode for in the Location column.
    Showing a list of outlets on the settings page
  3. Click Terminal Settings.
    Showing the menu where Terminal Settings can be selected
  4. Click the Allow offline payments toggle.
    Showing the toggle option to enable offline mode
  5. Review the Allow offline payments prompt and click Allow offline payments to accept.
    Showing a prompt with terms and conditions to review before accepting
  6. Review the Per transaction limit and Total transaction limit, adjusting as required, then click Save.
    Showing the per transaction and total transaction limits which can be adjusted as required

    The Per transaction limit and Total transactions limit are pre-filled with the maximum permitted limits. You can choose to lower these limits to suit your business needs, however, these cannot be raised higher than the pre-fille maximum limits.

  7. Follow the instructions on the Next step prompt to restart your terminal(s), then click Done.
    Showing the prompt to restart your terminal(s) before proceeding

Processing payments in offline mode

When a terminal loses internet connection, you will be notified by an on-screen prompt that you are unable to connect to network. You can check your internet connection and attempt to reconnect, or if you need to continue to process transactions offline, enter offline mode

  1. Tap Switch to offline mode on the Unable to connect to network prompt.

    Showing the terminal prompt to enable offline mode when internet connection is lost

  2. Enter the payment amount using the on-screen pin pad and tap Pay.

    Showing the pre-payment screen where a value can be manually entered

  3. Allow the customer to process their card payment as normal.

    Showing the payment screen for the customer to proceed with their card payment

  4. Once the payment has been approved, you can enter a customer email into the Email field to allow the customer to receive a receipt, then tap Email receipt. If the customer does not require a receipt, tap Don’t email receipt.

    Showing the approved payment screen with an option to enter a customer email address for an emailed receipt

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