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Getting started with Lightspeed Scanner (X-Series)

The Lightspeed Scanner app turns your mobile device into a powerful mobile barcode scanner. Count inventory, receive and transfer stock, fulfill online orders, create and manage products, and much more for Retail POS, right from your phone. 

Downloading the Lightspeed Scanner app

The Lightspeed Scanner is available for free on iOS and Android devices. Search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store from your device, or open the relevant download link below:

Lightspeed Scanner on iOS


Lightspeed Scanner on Android


The steps included in this and other Lightspeed Scanner articles are identical for iOS and Android devices unless stated otherwise. Where steps and information differ, the article will be separated into iOS and Android, allowing you to select the platform relevant to what device you're using.


Signing in to Lightspeed Scanner

To sign in to the Scanner app using your Retail POS account details, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap Sign in to Lightspeed Retail.

    Lightspeed scanner with banner to sign in to Lightspeed Retail.

  2. Enter your Retail POS store URL and tap Next.

    Lightspeed scanner sign in screen.

  3. Next, enter your account email/username and password you use to sign in to your Retail POS store, then tap Sign In.

    Lightspeed Retail sign in page.

Connecting a barcode scanner

Using a barcode scanner alongside Scanner app can make your inventory counts more flexible and efficient. The Socket mobile scanner family or Zebra mobile computers are compatible with the Scanner app allowing you to speed up your inventory count process.

Socket Mobile scanner

To connect your socket barcode scanner to the Scanner app: 

  • Connecting your Socket Mobile scanner on iOS

    1. On your iOS device, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle Bluetooth on.
    2. Next, open the Scanner app.
    3. Navigate to the Account screen by tapping your profile icon located top left of the Products page. 
    4. Tap the toggle to On for Enable Bluetooth scanning.
    5. Tap Pair a Socket Scanner.
    6. On the permission prompt to allow Scanner to use Bluetooth, tap Allow.
    7. Follow the on-screen wizard instructions to pair your Socket Mobile scanner to the app.

    You are all set to start using your barcode scanner through the Lightspeed Scanner app! 

  • Connecting your Socket Mobile scanner on Android

    1. Open the Scanner app on your device. 
    2. Navigate to the Account screen by tapping your profile icon located top left of the Products page. 
    3. Tap Hardware Socket scanners.
    4. Tap Open Socket Companion App.
    5. From the Google Play store, tap Install and open the Socket Companion app once installed.
    6. When prompted, tap Allow for notification and Bluetooth permissions.

       The Socket Mobile Companion app permissions to use notifications and Bluetooth on your device must be granted in order for your Socket reader to work with the Lightspeed Scanner app.

    7. Power on your Socket Mobile scanner and the devices will automatically connect.

    You are all set to start using your barcode scanner through the Lightspeed Scanner app! 

Zebra Mobile scanner 

Download the Scanner app directly on your Zebra device for the Zebra mobile computers. With the built-in scanner, set up the Lightspeed Scanner app by following the on-screen instructions.

Your Zebra mobile computer must support Android version 8.0 or above to be compatible.

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