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Designing your online store in eCom (E-Series)

  • Available on Pro, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus

When you connect Lightspeed eCom, you get a website (Instant Site) with a built-in online store packed with features to help you create a unique and strong online presence.

You can build and edit your website to match your brand. There are a variety of ways to customize your site: choosing a site theme, adding brand content, contact information, customer reviews, changing product appearance, and more.

Accessing the eCom site editor

To access the website editor:

  1. From Retail POS, go to the Online tab > Webstore.
  2. Click Edit Site to open the site editor in a new tab. edit-site_eCom.png

Editing your site in eCom

From your website editor, you can adjust your site’s theme, add more content, and change the product appearance.

To start editing your site, open your site editor from the Online tab > Webstore > Edit Site and start customizing with the following options:

  1. Pick a template: The template can be edited however you like to fit your business. select-template_eCom.png
  2. Add more content: Brand history, contact information, legacy pages, and more. adjust-content_eCom.png
  3. Add pages: create multiple pages, edit page content and organize pages in the navigation menu.
    Add multiple website pages
  4. Update your online storefront's look and feel: Choose images and sizes, product card layout, category name position, and more. images_eCom.png
  5. Customize your domain: Connect an existing domain or buy a domain from the eCom admin panel.
    The customize domain page
  6. Make your website multilingual: If you have several languages enabled in your store, translate all your site’s content, including product SEO titles and descriptions. settings-multilingual_eCom.png

All changes made are saved automatically but not published until you click the Publish button. You can play around with design, do and undo changes, and then publish the site when ready.

Customizing the storefront design of your eCom website

By default, your website has a Store section, or storefront, where your products appear. 


To customize your online storefront’s look and feel, you can change the design of the Store section background, size of images, product card layout, category name position, and more. To change the design of the Store section of your website:

  1. Open your site editor from the Online tab > Webstore > Edit Site. edit-site_eCom.png
  2. In the site editor, click the Store section in the left-hand side menu. store-section_eCom.png
  3. In the Content tab, you can change the title of the section. content-tab_eCom.png
  4. In the Design tab, you can:
    1. Change the section background and fonts.
    2. Change the size of images, their ratio, and how much information to display for each product by clicking View design options to open the eCom products design page.
    3. Adjust product list and product card design in the Image size, Image aspect ratio, and Product Card details and layout sections.
    4. Adjust product page design design-tab_eCom.png
  5. Adjust the settings you want to change. Changes are saved automatically. You can then close the tab and return to the site editor tab.

Publishing your Lightspeed eCom website

All the changes you make in the site editor are saved automatically but not yet published. When you're satisfied with your site and storefront look, you can publish your site so customers can see and access your site.

Once you publish your site, it can’t be unpublished so make sure everything is ready before you go live. You can always preview the changes you make and edit details as needed.

To publish your eCom website:

  1. Open your site editor from the Online tab > Webstore > Edit Site.
  2. At the top right corner of the editor, click Publish.

You can quickly undo any changes by clicking Undo at the top.


Your site is now visible for customers. 

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