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Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center redirect FAQ

Last year we announced plans to integrate Vend into the Lightspeed brand, paving the way for a unified commerce platform under the Lightspeed brand. As part of the changes, the Vend website has been redirected to the Lightspeed domain and now it’s the Help Center’s turn!

No action needed. Access to the sign in page, Retail POS products, and the Help Center will not be affected. Vend links will be automatically redirected to the updated domain.

What is a domain redirect?

A domain redirect is a technique used to automatically send visitors from one web address (URL) to another. When a website changes its domain name or moves to a new web address, a domain redirect ensures visitors who try to access the old address get automatically directed to the new one instead of seeing a 404 page (broken link). The URL in the address bar shows the updated domain as well.

What will the new Help Center URL look like?

The current URL of the Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center is support.vendhq.com. After the redirect, the new URL will be x-series-support.lightspeedhq.com.

As redirects automatically bring you to the new address, no action is required on your part. If you have bookmarked the link to the Help Center or to specific articles, the old link will still work but you can update your bookmarked links for an improved experience. Learn more in the Updating your bookmarked links section below.

When will the Help Center be redirected?

The Retail POS (X-Series) Help Center redirect happened on Wednesday, November 29th ET / Thursday, November 30th NZT.

Updating your bookmarked links

Although you will be automatically redirected if you access old links, updating your bookmarked Help Center links can improve your experience with faster page load time and fewer broken links in the future.

Here’s how you can update your bookmarked links, based on the Google Chrome browser:

  1. In your browser toolbar, click Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager.


  2. Find the bookmark you want to update, click the three dots on the right, then click Edit.


  3. In the URL field, paste in the updated URL.


  4. Click Save to update.

Avoid domain whitelisting as best practice

Whitelisting domains or cookies is a process that some merchants consider for enhanced network security. It involves allowing specific domains or cookies to bypass certain security checks and firewalls.

As our platform evolves with new domains for features and integrations, merchants should be aware that firewall adjustments can lead to operational disruptions. To ensure the best experience, we strongly advise against whitelisting domains.


If you choose to whitelist domains, ensure all paths on the listed domains, such as /*, remain accessible, as these paths undergo frequent updates to enhance user experience.

Domain Purpose
Application domains
vendappcdn.freetls.fastly.net Main application CDN
vendfrontendassets.freetls.fastly.net Additional resource CDN
Translation service
Help/Support service
Error tracking
User experience tracking

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