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Managing user clock in and out

In Retail POS you can accurately track employees' time and attendance by using the time clock feature. This feature allows you to streamline payroll processing, monitor employee attendance, and ensure accurate pay for hours worked. You can also create timesheets using clock in and out data, further streamlining your payroll.

Using the time clock feature

When a user is clocked out, the only option will be to clock in. Likewise, when the user is clocked in, the only available option will be to clock out. 

After a user logs into Retail POS, they can then clock in to record hours worked. To clock in, click the user’s name > Clock in

User sidebar with clock in button.

While clocked in, the user panel will show how long the user has been clocked in for. To clock out, click on the user’s name > Clock out

User sidebar showing time worked and clock out button.

Viewing employee clock in and out data

You can view and track your employees’ time and attendance from the Users page. Only managers and admins have permissions to view user activity. Cashiers can only access their own account information on the Users page. For more information on user permissions, refer to our article Setting user roles and permissions.

To view clock in and out data:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users.
  2. Click the Activity tab. Here you can view all the activity for all users. For more information about tracking user logins, refer to our Tracking user logins in Retail POS article.
  3. To view clock in and out info, select Clocked in and out from the drop down. You can narrow your search further by using the date range and user filters.
  4. Click Search.
    Activity tab in the users page showing clocked in and out filter.

Creating a timesheet from .csv export 

You can create a timesheet for one or all your employees using their clock in and clock out data. Creating timesheets can help improve payroll efficiency and accuracy.

To create a timesheet from a .csv export:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users.
  2. Click the Activity tab.
  3. Select the following filters:
    • Action: Clocked in and out. 
    • Date range: The pay period. 
    • Users: The employee you wish to create the timesheet for or all users.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click Export list.
  6. Open the export file in a spreadsheet editing software such as Google Sheets or Excel.
  7. Select the Time column and click Data > Split text to columns. This will split the Time column into separate columns for Time and Date.
    Note: If using Excel, this button is Text to columns.
    Google sheets page with split text to columns option highlighted.
  8. Rename the columns so Date matches the calendar date and Time matches the hours. 
  9. Select the whole table and click Insert > Pivot table.
  10. Configure the pivot table:
    • Rows: Display name and Date.
    • Columns: Action.
    • Values: Time.
      Google sheets page with pivot table configurations.

This will create a table with calculations of days and hours worked per user. To create a total hours worked per day column for each employee, subtract the clockin column from the clockout column. Add the total hours worked for each day to find the total hours for each employee for the pay period. 
Google sheets page with formula for calculating total hours worked displayed.

The clock in and out event is also available through the Vend API. For more information visit the Vend API documentation hub

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