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December product updates


Lightspeed Retail POS



Enforce on-account limits


Retail POS now enforces account limits to prevent customers from making on-account sales if they've reached their account limit.

To reduce the liability risk to your business, on-account limits are set to $0 by default for new customers. This prevents customers from making on-account sales unless you set an account limit for them. However, if you created a customer before September 9, 2022, their account limit will not be set to $0 by default (unless you set one yourself previously).

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If you currently use on-account sales to take deposits for products that customers purchase but collect at a later date, we recommend creating layby sales instead, as they don't have spending limits.

If layby sales are not suitable for your store, you can update permissions for user roles that process these types of on-account sales.




Control permissions for setting on-account limits


You can now control which users can set and edit the account limits of customers. By default, Admin users can set or change on-account limits. They can also grant permission for other user roles within your store to edit on-account limits.

If you need to enable your Managers, Cashiers or other user roles to accept on-account sales for new customers, you need to update their user role permissions.

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We've paused the rollout of these on-account features during the busy holiday period. If we haven't enabled these features in your account yet, we will in early 2023.




Offer services to customers (public beta)


You can now offer services to your customers—like repairs, alterations, or customizations—with the new Services module. The module helps you manage all your service orders directly from Retail POS. It aims to help you streamline your processes, reduce miscommunication between your team, and keep your customers happy and informed. It also gives you full visibility on all your service orders, from sale to completion.

Here are its key features:

  • Add services when processing sales with Retail POS
  • View all services in a dedicated services tab
  • Change the status of a service order
  • Add service notes
  • View customer details attached to the service

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The Services module is available for free until March 31, 2023, as part of the public beta for Lean, Standard and Advanced plans. If you're interested in trying the module, please reach out to your Sales Account Manager.



Lightspeed eCom



Buy Online, Pick Up In Store from multiple outlets


You can now enable Self Pickup—otherwise known as Buy Online, Pick Up In Store—from any of your outlets with Lightspeed eCom. You can also customize pickup settings for each of your outlets:

  • Share pickup instructions with customers
  • Add an additional charge for pickups
  • Allow customers to choose a pickup date and time at checkout
  • Set available dates and times for pickups
  • Specify the time it takes to prepare an order
  • Choose how far into the future customers can schedule pickups
  • Set blackout dates for pickups

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Your online stores will show a pooled inventory from all pickup locations. This means that you may need to transfer stock across your locations to fulfill pickup orders. In the future, location-specific inventory levels will sync across Retail POS and eCom. This way, you can fulfill all pickup orders with products that are in stock at a specific location.



Lightspeed Payments



Accept EFTPOS Australia card payments


You can now accept EFTPOS Australia chip cards and co-branded Visa/Mastercard magstripe cards on Lightspeed Payments terminals in Australia.

If you use iPad registers, you need to update to the latest version of the Retail POS iOS app to accept EFTPOS payments. If you use desktop registers, however, you can accept EFTPOS payments right away.

EFTPOS branded cards that only have a magstripe aren't supported. To learn more, please see [article title].



Lightspeed Scanner and Lightspeed Reporter



Scan products and check reports in French

Lightspeed Scanner and Lightspeed Reporter are now available in French Canadian. All users who have their device language set to French Canadian automatically see the translated versions of the apps.

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