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Redeeming Lightspeed Advanced Marketing rewards in the Retail POS (X-Series) app



1. Navigate to Sell Screen

2. Add the product(s) to the sale

3. Add a customer to the sale

4. Tap Share Icon and select Lightspeed Advanced Marketing for Vend


5. From the list of available rewards, select one and tap Redeem. The discount will apply to the sale and the points will be removed from the customer's account immediately.


6. Tap Pay to complete the sale

Additional Information

  • When a $ off or a % off discount is added to the sale, it is displayed as another line item on the POS screen titled 'Dollar Discount', similar to a product line. This can be expanded to view more details.
  • Pro tip: It's a great idea to train your staff to ask the customer if they are part of your loyalty program and to check if they are eligible for any rewards.
  • Once a customer has been added to the sale and has redeemed a reward, you cannot undo this. You can discard the sale if the customer changes their mind.


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