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Setting up Quick Keys for Retail POS (X-Series) on iPad


Quick Keys are managed using templates. You can create multiple templates, giving you the flexibility to optimize layouts for different stores, as well as for different occasions such as big sale times.

Quick Key templates sync between the web application and the Retail POS app. You can create these on Mac and PC, or use the below steps to create a template on iPad. 

Set up a Quick Key layout

Create a Quick Key layout

1. Tap the Menu icon (☰) to open the sidebar

2. From the sidebar, tap Settings and then Quick Keys

Retail-POS-iPad-Quick-Keys-Page_copy.PNG3. Tap New layout

Retail-POS-iPad-Quick-Keys-New-Layout.PNG4. Enter a name for the new Quick Key layout and tap Create



This layout will be accessible by all registers, in all outlets, so make the layout name specific if need be.

Adding Quick Keys to a layout

1. On the Quick Key page, locate the layout you want to add Quick Keys to and tap Edit

2. Tap Edit Quick Keys

3. In the Search products, search for and select the product you wish to add


  • You can search by name, handle, SKU, or product tag. This search will display any single products, composite products, and the parent product for variants in your search. If you have a barcode scanner connected, you can also scan the product barcode to find it.

4. Once selected, the product will appear on your Quick Key layout


5. You can have more than one page of Quick Keys — there is no maximum number. Swipe left to access the next page.


6. You can also move products to different slots within the Quick Key layout. Press and hold the product, and drag it to the slot you wish to place it in. You can also drag the product to the edge of the layout to have it appear on the next page.


7. Your changes are saved automatically, simply tap the Back icon (<) to finish 

Adding Quick Key Folders to a template

You are also able to group Quick Keys together into a folder. To do this, tap and hold a product and then drag it on top of the product you would like to group it with. This will create a folder.


You can then tap and hold any other product and drag it on top of the folder to add it. Alternatively, tap the folder to open it, and use the search bar to find the products you want to add.


Each folder can be renamed or changed color by tapping the folder to open, and then tap the pencil in the top left corner.



You can decide whether you would like to leave this folder open after selecting a Quick Key from it. This can be useful if you often add multiple products from a single folder into a sale.


Edit Quick Key or Folder

You can edit the following:

  • Product label (name on the Quick Key)

  • Choose whether to show the image or not

  • Choose the color. This can be helpful for categorizing products, so it's easier for your staff to find them.

  • You can also tap and hold the product. This will allow you to drag it to a different position on the Quick Key layout

Remove a Quick Key or Folder

Tap and hold the Product or Folder. A grey bar will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Drag the key to this bar.

If you have added a product to a folder, but you want to move it back to the main screen, you will need to delete it from the folder and re-add it on the main screen.


Assign a Quick Key template to a register


On the Quick Keys page, tap the layout you want to assign. It will turn blue and say Current Layout

If you wish to assign different Quick Key layouts to different registers, you will need to change the register that you currently have open before selecting the Quick Key layout. To learn how to switch registers on your iPad, click here.

Duplicate a Quick Key template

Once a template is set up, you can duplicate it, make adjustments, and save it as a new template. to do this:

1. On the Quick Keys page, locate the layout you want to duplicate and tap Edit

2. Select Duplicate. A new layout will be created with the tag (copy)

3. Tap Edit and select Rename to rename the new template.



Delete a Quick Key template

If you are no longer using a Quick Key template, it can be deleted, provided it is not assigned to a register.

1. On the Quick Keys page, locate the layout you want to delete and tap Edit

2. Tap Delete


3. Confirm that you wish to delete the layout by selecting Delete

Delete or deactivate a product

Your Quick Keys are regularly synchronized with our servers. If you add new variants to a product or change prices or other details, these will update the next time your Quick Keys sync.

If you change a product to 'inactive' in the web app or delete the product, the next time your Quick Keys sync, the key will be greyed out. If the product is permanently inactive, you may like to remove this key from your template, by editing the Quick Key layout.

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