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Redeeming Lightspeed Advanced Marketing rewards in Retail POS (X-Series) on a Mac or PC



  1. On Google Chrome, sign into your Retail POS account
  2. Navigate to the Sell tab (if you're not automatically taken there after logging in)
  3. Add a customer to your sale:Image_2020-03-25_at_4.52.20_PM.png
  4. Add the product(s) into the sale:Image_2020-03-25_at_5.10.37_PM.png
  5. Click the customer's name to open their profile and click Check Rewards:Image_2020-03-25_at_5.12.22_PM.png
  6. From the list of their available rewards, select one and click Redeem:Image_2020-03-25_at_5.14.18_PM.png
  7. The discount will apply to the sale and the points will be removed from the customer's account immediately:Image_2020-03-25_at_5.22.29_PM.png
  8. Click Pay to complete the sale!

Additional Information

  • When a $ off or a % off discount is added to the sale, it is displayed as another line item on the POS screen titled 'Dollar Discount', similar to a product line. This can be expanded to view more details.
  • Pro tip: It's a great idea to train your staff to ask the customer if they are part of your loyalty program and to check if they are eligible for any rewards.
  • Once a customer has been added to the sale and has redeemed a reward, you cannot undo this. You can discard the sale if the customer changes their mind.

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