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Troubleshooting Moneris for Retail POS (X-Series) on iPad


Resolve issues with the connection between the Moneris terminal and Retail POS on iPad. 


  • Retail POS on iPad 
  • Moneris integrated payments


Make sure the ethernet params are set to static

  1. Enter ##08 on your Moneris terminal
  2. Select COMMS TYPE
  3. Select ETHERNET 
  4. Save the settings with the green button
  5. Once you see TCP CONNECTION OK press the red button to get back to the home screen
  6. Print the configuration of the terminal by entering ##16 from the main screen (enter NO when prompted about trailer messages)
  7. Take note of the ETHERNET PARAMS section and make sure the type is set to STATIC

Add the Moneris terminal into the Retail POS app.

  1. On the Moneris terminal, press ##16 and enter.
  2. Select No when prompted to Print trailer messages
  3. Find the Address on the print out
  4. On the Retail POS app, tap Settings on the side menu
  5. Tap Hardware
  6. Tap Moneris
  7. Remove the IP address and enter the Address exactly as it appears on the print out
  8. Ensure the Port Number says 9999 in bold lettering (not greyed out)
  9. Tap Done.

Make sure the Moneris terminal and the iPad are on the same network.

  1. Tap Settings on the iPad home screen 
  2. Tap Wi-Fi and then tap the (i) beside the network that the iPad is on
  3. Make sure the first 3 parts of the IP address on the iPad matches the first 3 parts on the Moneris IP address

Make sure the Moneris terminal is set to Ethernet mode and the Port Number is 9999.

  1. Enter ##52 from the home screen and make sure ETHERNET is selected.
  2. Press the red key to get back to the home screen.
  3. Enter ##13 then select TERMINAL SETUP, then select PORT NUMBER and enter 9999.



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