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Products ignored when importing product CSV file


When importing a product CSV file, you receive an error message stating products have been ignored.


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


When a product CSV import is completed, you will receive a progress update in the notification bar. This will detail the number of products added, updated and ignored. 

If some of your products were ignored, you will receive a link to download the products along in a CSV file. This file contains all products that were ignored along with an error message. Please address these errors and then re-import this CSV file to ensure all of your products are added or updated.  


These are the main causes of errors and how you can go about resolving them:

  1. The tax name in the tax column does not EXACTLY match the name of a tax set up in your Retail POS account. Ensure that the tax name listed in the CSV file exactly matches the tax name in Setup -> Sales Taxes.
  2. The handle has been changed on a variant and/or composite product.Use the original handle for variant and/or composite products
  3. You have products with duplicate SKUs and/or duplicate names in your catalog and you are trying to update one of these but have not included a product ID. This means the information received is ambiguous and Retail POS is not sure which product you want to update. Please include the product ID and we suggest you update your SKUs and/or names so you do not have duplicates in your catalog.
  4. The Product ID in the CSV file belongs to a deleted product. Delete the contents of the Product ID column for the specified product(s), making sure to leave the column header

Additional Information

  • A common mistake is a space after the tax name
  • Standard products will be ignored if their handle is identical to another standard product already in Retail POS
  • Composite products will also be ignored when importing a product CSV file as the product will be updated if changes were made to any product(s) that make up the composite
  • More information on CSV files can be found here
  • More information on Composite products can be found here
  • More information on how to change the handle of a variant product can be found here

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