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Managing Products Added to a Sale

Once you have added a product to the sale, you will now have the option to manage this product. Noted below are the methods in which you will be able to manage the product you have added to a sale.

Removing a product from the sale

If you have made a mistake, simply click the 'trashcan' icon by the product name. Clicking the 'trashcan' icon will remove the product from the sale.

View product information

If you wish to view further information on a product you have just added to a sale you can do this from the sell screen. Click the product name in the sale list and navigate to Show Inventory & Details.

This is useful if you want to see the description of the product or certain information like the stock levels. You will be able to see the stock level in all of your outlets, making it easy to check if an item is in stock in another store.

Changing the quantity

Changing the quantity of the product allows you to add more of the same item to the sale. This is best practice, so it is a good idea to get into the habit of doing it this way. This ensures that any discounts apply to ALL the items and that price books with quantity-based discounts are applied correctly.

To edit the quantity, click on a product in the sale and type in the new quantity.

Important: If you have disallowed cashiers from processing discounts they will be unable to apply a negative quantity to an item.

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