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Voiding a gift card sale

If a gift card sale needs to be removed, you can void the sale on the Sales history page.


Before voiding a gift card sale, it is important to know that this is irreversible!

Once you have voided the gift card, you will need to manually reissue the gift card if you change your mind.

By voiding a gift card sale, the sale will be voided, the gift card balance will be cleared and the gift card number can be reissued.

It is important that you do not reissue a gift card using the same code if the original gift card that used this code is still in circulation. This is to prevent two gift cards having the ability to redeem the same amount. Make sure to receive the physical gift card from the customer when voiding.

To void a gift card sale:

1. Navigate to Sell > Sales history.

2. Locate the sale in which the gift card was sold.

3. Click on the sale to expand it.

4. Click Void and confirm the void by clicking Void sale.


When voiding a sale where a gift card has been used as a payment method, the amount will be re-credited to the gift card.

For more on voiding sales, read our Voiding sales using the sales history article.

For more information on Retail POS Gift Cards, refer to our gift card guide.

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