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Training Mode and the Retail POS (X-Series) Sales History

Training mode is an option available in Retail POS for Mac or PC that allows you to try out Retail POS without affecting any of your store data. You can return to the Training Mode anytime you want.

Trialling Retail POS in Training Mode is ideal for processing test sales as all sales processed in Training Mode will not be recorded or synced to Retail POS. This eliminates the need to edit or void transactions and payments.

After exiting Training Mode confirm that the blue bar has disappeared before processing any real sales. If any sales are processed while Training Mode is still active, they will be treated as dummy sales, and will not be recorded or synced to your store data.

For more information on how to use Training Mode, check out this article here and for more information on the Retail POS Sales History, check out this article.

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