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Editing products in Retail POS (X-Series)

Edit a product

To edit a product in Retail POS, navigate to CatalogProducts. Locate the product you wish to edit, using the filters if necessary, and click the edit pencil to the right of the product.


Alternatively, you can click the product to expand and click Edit.


You will be taken to the Edit product page and once here, you can edit all the relevant information for this product.

To learn more about what information can be added to your products, refer to our How to add products into Retail POS (X-Series) guide and refer to the Add products individually section for standard products, products with variants or composite products.


Editing inventory

When adding inventory to your products, it is important to do so accurately in order to ensure your inventory levels and reporting are calculated correctly. 

To edit your existing products inventory levels, refer to our Adding inventory to your products guide.

Editing products with the Sell Online tab

Merchants that are integrated with Shopify or eCom (E-Series) can also edit products using the Sell Online tab.


The Sell Online tab is only accessible to retailers integrated with Shopify or eCom (E-Series).

If you are not integrated with Shopify or eCom (E-Series), or are integrated with more than one e-Commerce platform, the Sell Online tab will not be accessible.

This tab simplifies the product information fields to only those that are relevant to selling products on Shopify, allowing you to get your product set up and sold online faster.

To use the Sell Online tab, navigate to CatalogProducts and locate the product you wish to edit, using the filters if necessary. Click the edit pencil to the right of the product, which will take you to the Edit Product page. Next, click the Sell Online tab.

For more information on the Sell Online tab, refer to Managing products linked with Shopify or Managing your product catalog with the eCom (E-Series) integration.

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