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Redeeming loyalty

  • Available on Pro, Advanced, Enterprise
  • Available on Core, Plus

Your customers can redeem their earned loyalty on purchases made in store as if it were cash. A customer can pay for an in-store sale, in full or partially, with their earned loyalty. Should you need to void a sale or process a return, Retail POS will also adjust the loyalty balance of your customer accordingly for you.

If you use Lightspeed eCom (E-Series), customers can earn loyalty online. However, they can only redeem their earned Loyalty in store at this time.

To redeem a customer's earned loyalty in store:

  1. Go to Sell Sell.
  2. Add the items to the sale.
  3. Add the customer to the sale.
  4. Select Pay. The customer's loyalty balance will display. If it's 0, Retail POS will disable the loyalty payment type.Retail-X-Loyalty-Balance.png
  5. Enter the amount of loyalty they'd like to pay with and select Loyalty.Retail-X-Loyalty-Pay.png
  6. If there's a balance left to pay, enter the amount and select the payment type until the sale is paid in full.
  7. Select Complete Sale.


Your customer officially paid for their sale with their earned Loyalty. If you enabled the settings in your receipt templates, they can also see how much Loyalty they redeemed and earned on their receipt, whether it's printed or emailed.


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