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How to prepare for an inventory count


To prepare to run a successful inventory count in Retail POS.


  • A legible floor plan of your store's layout
  • Tracking tickets (detailed below)
  • Sellotape
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Printer
  • Scissors 
  • Document folder
  • A document creator such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word
  • Retail POS for Mac or PC


  • Allows for easier management of missed/problem areas
  • Labeled per area of the store (i.e. men's shirts, women's tops, new in store, etc)
  • Numbered to the corresponding tracking ticket for that area 
  • Highlight each section on the floor plan as it is counted

Below is an example of what a floor plan might look like:



Tracking tickets:

  • Small paper tickets that are numbered, labeled, and placed around the store
  • Used to track which sections/products need to be counted
  • Use a document creator (MS Word, Google Docs etc.) to create tracking tickets
  • Print tickets in bulk as you need them
  • If applicable, individual shelves can be listed on the tracking ticket. This is useful if staff take a break whilst counting, they can see what the last shelf they signed off was
  • Staff sign the tracking ticket to show that the section is counted

Below is an example of what a tracking ticket might look like:



Preparation should be done at least 1 day before the count is due to start. 

  1. Identify sections that need to be counted in store
  2. Print and create enough tracking tickets for each section
  3. Number each tracking ticket starting from 1
  4. Place tracking tickets in each section of your store
  5. Number each section on the floor plan to match the location of tracking tickets

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