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How to add a credit card surcharge to sales


To add a credit card surcharge to sale


  •  Retail POS for Mac or PC


Create a surcharge product

  1. Navigate to Products -> Products
  2. Click Add Product
  3. Name the product Credit Card surcharge
  4. Select Standard Product
  5. Leave the Supply Price and Retail Price blank
  6. Click Add Product
  7. On the Edit Product page, select a Tax rate that meets your local taxation requirements for surcharges
    • Refer to regulations by set out by your local governing body
  8. Tracking Inventory is optional; set as required (this will be set to on by default)
  9. Click Save

Add the surcharge to the sale

  1. Search for Credit Card surcharge in the search bar
    • Alternatively you can add the product to your Quick Key to add the surcharge to a sale faster
  2. Add the surcharge product to the sale
  3. Manually calculate the surcharge value
  4. Change the price on the surcharge product to the calculated amount
  5. Complete sale

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