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How to remove and track product wastage


Remove and track damaged/wastage stock from the system


  •  Retail POS on PC or Mac



This method will affect Gross Profit and Margin reporting for the product.

Unless you need to specifically track product wastage, we strongly recommend removing product wastage via an inventory adjustment instead.

Create a "wastage" customer.

  1. Navigate to the Customers
  2. Select Add Customer
  3. Name the customer "Wastage" or similar
  4. Select Save Customer

Process the stock removal

  1. Navigate to the Sell Screen
  2. Add the "wastage" customer to the sale
  3. Add the stock that you would like to remove from the system
  4. Change the price of each product to 0.00
  5. Process payment for 0.00

Tracking product wastage

  1. Navigate to Reporting -> Sales Reports 
  2. Click More Filters
  3. Add the "wastage" customer

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