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Worldpay triPOS External Processor Setup

If you are using a triPOS terminal with a different payment processor such as Chase Paymentech or First Data, you will need to complete an additional setup step when pairing this terminal to Retail POS.

To do this, open your Worldpay triPOS payment type in Retail POS by navigating to Setup -> Payments and clicking on Worldpay triPOS.

If you have not yet set up a payment type in Retail POS for your Worldpay triPOS terminal, click here to get started.

Once the Worldpay triPOS payment type page is open, click the Pair New Payment Terminal button at the bottom of the page.

A popup will appear prompting you to enter your activation code and assign this terminal to one of your store's registers.

First, enter your activation code, as it is shown on your payment terminal screen.

Then, click "Using an alternative payment processor to Worldpay?" to reveal a new field called Terminal ID.

Here you will need to enter the terminal ID.

The Terminal ID is an identifier that helps Worldpay know which payment processor is being used for your transactions in Retail POS. The steps to retrieve your terminal ID can be found in the dealer letter that was sent to you by Worldpay.

Once you have retrieved your terminal ID and entered into the terminal ID field in Retail POS, choose the register you'd like to assign this payment terminal to and click Pair Terminal.

You should now be setup and ready to take payments with your triPOS terminal.

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