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Why are my labels not scanning?


The Socket Mobile S700 scanner is currently experiencing issues scanning Bookland EAN codes. These codes are used globally for books and begin with the numbers “978”.

The Socket Mobile S740 scanner is unaffected by this issue and Socket Mobile recommend that retailers with affected S700 scanners reach out to their supplier to get the model replaced.

For all queries related to this issue, please contact the Socket Mobile support team.


Why is my barcode scanner not reading the barcodes printed on my labels?


  • Retail POS for Mac or PC
  • Dymo Label Printer 
  • Socket Mobile, Honeywell or POS-mate scanner


The labels are printed in the wrong size which prevents the barcode scanner reading them. Labels should be printed in the recommended sizes.

We recommend the Dymo 450 Turbo label printer and 11352, 30336 or 1738541 Dymo labels. 

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