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How do you use Purchase Order autofill?


How can I use autofill to populate stock orders with products that are low in stock?


  • Retail POS for PC or Mac


  1. Ensure that the product has a Re-order Point and a Re-order Quantity
  2. Go to the Inventory section in Retail POS
  3. Click on Stock Control
  4. Click Order Stock
  5. Fill in Purchase Order details
  6. Select Add Products from recommendations
  7. Optionally, click on All recommendations, then select whether you want to add products by reorder points and/or unfulfilled orders

    You may be prompted in choosing a delivery recipient with the outlet of choice. Select one of the outlets you prefer having your products delivered

  8. Click Apply Filter
  9. Click Add Products to Order
  10. Click Save

Additional Information

If a product is not being auto-filled when it is at or below its reorder point, you can find reasons as to why here:

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