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Troubleshooting your Star TSP100/143 LAN receipt printer

If you're having issues connecting your Star TSP100/143 LAN receipt printer, return it to its factory defaults. To do so:

  1. Confirm that the power cord and your LAN cable are connected to the back of your printer. 
  2. Make sure your printer is turned OFF
  3. Turn your printer upside down and use a Phillips (cross-head) screwdriver to unscrew the small panel. 
  4. Remove the small panel and you will see 4 dip switches labeled 1 through 4. The switches will be in the ON position. 
  5. Push the dip switch #4 to the OFF position.
  6. Without screwing back the panel, turn the printer in the upright position. 
  7. Turn your printer ON and wait 10 to 12 seconds. The printer will make some clicking sound during these seconds.
  8. Turn your printer OFF and upside down. 
  9. Push the dip switch #4 back to the ON position. All 4 dip switches should be at the ON position. 
  10. Screw back your small panel.
  11. Confirm the factory reset by performing a self-test. As the printer is still OFF, hold the Feed and the power button. Let go of the Feed and power button once its starts printing. It will print 2 pages. NIC-image-Factory-Reset-TSP100.jpg

Once you see this information, you have successfully reset your printer to its factory default configuration. 

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