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Returning a Square sale

Returning a Square Sale:


Different retail stores have different rules about what items can and cannot be returned. It is useful to check in with your supervisor about this before processing any returns.

Before beginning, it is important to note that you may only complete a return on fully paid sales (including fully paid account and layby sales) and not on open on account or layby sales OR existing return transactions.

To process a Square return:


If the Square payment was made more than 60 days ago you will not be able to process a return. If the sale you need to return is more than 60 days old, you will need to process it manually, outside of Retail POS and Square. For more information on this, follow the links below:

For US customers, click here.

For UK customers, click this link here.

For Australian customers, click this link here.

1. Ask the customer for their receipt (if required under policy) or for their name and date/time of the sale or other details required to find the transaction.

2. Tap on the menu button on the top left and open ‘Sales History’.

3. Use the filter options to search by receipt number (or other details) if required.

4. Once the sale is located tap on it to expand the details.

5. Check the item being returned to ensure it matches the item sold.

Next, click on the 'Return Item' button. Clicking this button will load the customer's sale onto the sell screen.


All the items from this original sale will appear at the original sale amounts, including any discounts.

The item(s) in this sale should now be on the sell screen and shown as negative amounts.

If it is a multi-item sale, the customer may only wish to return one of the items. If this is the case, swipe left on any products the customer does not want to return.

Once you are happy with how it looks, tap the red 'Return' button.

Does your customer wants to exchange their item for something else?

No problem! Add any products the customer wishes to exchange to the sell screen, then tap the red 'Exchange' button.

If your sale does not already have a customer attached, you will be asked to record the customer's details. This step is not compulsory, but it is an excellent idea to record these if you can.

Once you have recorded your customer's details, the payment window will open.

Click the Square button to return this item.

Square will automatically process a refund of this payment to your customer's card. A refund receipt will be sent to your customer's email address. The sale will immediately be returned in Retail POS, however, the refund may take up to 9 - 14 days to show in your customers account.


If the customer has exchanged an item for one with a higher price tag, you will need to charge the customer extra. This amount will be listed underneath amount tendered. If they are simply returning an item or have exchanged for one with a lower price, then you will see the amount owed to the customer underneath amount tendered.

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